Welcome to www.AstronomySite.com. This website was supposed to be the great place where all of my astronomy-related projects ended up.

A little bit of brief history — I purchased a Meade LX200 back sometime around 1997 or so. Added a Meade Pictor CCD camera and built an observatory. I ended up developing a remote control system so that I could operate the telescope from the living room, taking CCD pictures, moving the scope from object to object, etc. The only big problem was the pictor camera, which was … ummm … not one of Meade’s best products at the time.

I ended up building another observatory (a fancy rotating dome observatory made from steel), but I never had any great success with CCD imaging.

Anyhow, back to what you’ll find on this site. Some time around the late 1990s I was an infrequent participant in the Mapug mailing list. There were no online archives at the time, so I decided to archive them up and put them online myself. This is where they’ve sat, for appoximately 10 years. From the google search results, I see that a good many people still use them every month looking up questions about their telescopes.

If you’re looking for the Mapug archive, this link will take you there.

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